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Your Choice Midwives

These testimonials all from midwifery standards review feedback forms for Catherine Rietveld

"This particular midwife made me comfortable throughout my pregnancy, though I was having my 4th child Catherine assisted in helping me learn more about myself care of my pregnancy and baby, I appreciate the care provided by Catherine who involved my family closely just the way I wanted it"

"This was my 1st baby. I found Catherine to be a fantastic midwife in all aspects. Great communication. Listened to every concern and talked me through everything. Will definitely choose Catherine for my second bub"

"Catherine was outstanding in her care for me and my baby. She was kind and informative when I had concerns…………..I appreciated her down to earth but sweet way of talking about life in general putting me at ease all the way"

"Catherine is a lovely person who we felt very comfortable with. She worked in well with the specialists we were also under. She provided a very calming reassuring presence during our dramatic delivery by C/S under GA. Would recommend her to other families, Thanks"

These testimonials all from women cared for by Bex Tidball in 2015 and 2016

“Bex was always kind and positive; she always took time to explain things we discussed during appointments. She took the time to get to know my children and involve them as ‘helpers’, my children thought she was wonderful”. Zoe, Ross, Ella, Sophia & Harrison.

 “Very polite and caring. Supportive and made me feel extremely comfortable to have her be part of such an important time/experience. She was thorough in all her examinations and [a] great person to have during labour” Te Roma & family.

“I really enjoyed the way her personality was from the first time meeting her. How confident she is in doing her job…. you are a lovely lady whom really seems to have the passion in being a midwife”. Herewini  & family.

“I felt she listened really well, very friendly and made you feel in control and calm…. those hot towels are amazing!” Natalia & family.

“Words cannot describe how happy we are on the birth of our baby boy Tommy. Without your help, support and positive words, my pregnancy would have been so much harder. You gave me the strength I needed when I needed it most!” Gemmalyn, Ben & Tommy.

“Becks was always assuring us, very positive, warm. She’s been like a magician at my homebirth juggling with the hot towels as soon as my contraction arrived, very efficient. Always a smile on her face. I cried when she arrived to my home birth; I was so touched that she was part of this amazing journey. And we will never forget her”.  Jessica & Justin

“Bex has a true gift of positive encouragement, and making a point of focussing on the things that are working well, and providing great support and suggestions in areas baby and I can work on. Bex has such a lovely manner, a beautiful personality and very respectful. Bex was always informative, and I liked how Bex always read her notes back to me to ensure we were both on the same page and clear about our plan of attack… you have helped me to overcome my previous negative experience with breastfeeding - with your guidance and support I have found my confidence and still so amazed the breastfeeding works this time!”. Hannah & family.

“Bex treated me as an individual and understood how I felt. I suffered post-natal depression & post-traumatic stress and I never felt judged by her” North Canterbury Mum – name withheld . 


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