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Testimonials for Catherine Rietveld

"This particular midwife made me comfortable throughout my pregnancy, though I was having my 4th child Catherine assisted in helping me learn more about myself care of my pregnancy and baby, I appreciate the care provided by Catherine who involved my family closely just the way I wanted it"

"This was my 1st baby. I found Catherine to be a fantastic midwife in all aspects. Great communication. Listened to every concern and talked me through everything. Will definitely choose Catherine for my second bub"

"Catherine was outstanding in her care for me and my baby. She was kind and informative when I had concerns…………..I appreciated her down to earth but sweet way of talking about life in general putting me at ease all the way"

"Catherine is a lovely person who we felt very comfortable with. She worked in well with the specialists we were also under. She provided a very calming reassuring presence during our dramatic delivery by C/S under GA. Would recommend her to other families, Thanks"

I had Catherine as LMC for my third baby. She was relaxed and friendly. Never made me feel like I or my children were a bother. Just relaxed, friendly consistent care. I had full confidence in her as she had great knowledge and so much experience. It was my most relaxed birthing experience as she gave me good options and helped me to be as comfortable as posible. Thank you :-)

Catherine delivered my 5th and final baby in 2015 and was full of so much experience and wisdom picking up early signals of me suffering a PE which could of turned dangerous. Harper brings so much love and laughter to our family and such a laid back princess unlike her rushed early arrival. I will be always thankful to Catherine for supporting me in getting over a past traumatic birth.

Catherine, it has been a little over a year since I brought this little boy home. I was so glad of your wisdom, knowledge and expertise. Despite your many years of experience, your continued interest and growth as a midwife was evident. Every professional holds power in their hands. A good midwife shares it. Thanks again to you and Lucia, this little one brings me so much joy.

Testimonials for midwife Bex Tidball

“Bex was always kind and positive; she always took time to explain things we discussed during appointments. She took the time to get to know my children and involve them as ‘helpers’, my children thought she was wonderful”. Zoe, Ross, Ella, Sophia & Harrison.

 “Very polite and caring. Supportive and made me feel extremely comfortable to have her be part of such an important time/experience. She was thorough in all her examinations and [a] great person to have during labour” Te Roma & family.

“I really enjoyed the way her personality was from the first time meeting her. How confident she is in doing her job…. you are a lovely lady whom really seems to have the passion in being a midwife”. Herewini  & family.

“I felt she listened really well, very friendly and made you feel in control and calm…. those hot towels are amazing!” Natalia & family.

“Words cannot describe how happy we are on the birth of our baby boy Tommy. Without your help, support and positive words, my pregnancy would have been so much harder. You gave me the strength I needed when I needed it most!” Gemmalyn, Ben & Tommy.

“Becks was always assuring us, very positive, warm. She’s been like a magician at my homebirth juggling with the hot towels as soon as my contraction arrived, very efficient. Always a smile on her face. I cried when she arrived to my home birth; I was so touched that she was part of this amazing journey. And we will never forget her”.  Jessica & Justin

“Bex has a true gift of positive encouragement, and making a point of focussing on the things that are working well, and providing great support and suggestions in areas baby and I can work on. Bex has such a lovely manner, a beautiful personality and very respectful. Bex was always informative, and I liked how Bex always read her notes back to me to ensure we were both on the same page and clear about our plan of attack… you have helped me to overcome my previous negative experience with breastfeeding - with your guidance and support I have found my confidence and still so amazed the breastfeeding works this time!”. Hannah & family.

“Bex treated me as an individual and understood how I felt. I suffered post-natal depression & post-traumatic stress and I never felt judged by her” North Canterbury Mum – name withheld .

I never got to properly thank Bex for everything she did for me during my pregnancy, Labour and the 6weeks after, she was so amazing and never judged me, she was a wonderful midwife and very calming through the tough times, although, I was sad she wasn't there for the birth. I am super pleased Bex was my midwife, I couldn't have asked for better, thank you so so much.

Testimonials for midwife Shelley Hodges

I had Shelley as my midwife and I can honestly say she was the most amazing calm kind and knowledgeable person I could have ever had with me for my first baby. No matter what I was worried about or concerned with she always talked me through it and made me feel 1000x better after. Thank you Shelley for the amazing experience you helped give me bringing our beautiful girl into the world. Xx highly recommended!!

Shelley - thank you so much for your support last year - particularly at the end with our scary delivery. I really appreciated you being there for Tom, Leo and I at one of the most significant times in our lives with your genuine care, knowledge and advice. Something I will always remember was when you sent my Mum photos of baby and I safe and sound from the delivery room. Mum was beside herself in shock outside, and that small gesture of kindness and empathy gave her immeasurable relief that we will forever be grateful for. You were awesome xx

Shelley - You are the most amazing midwife! I couldn't have asked for more from you. You made me feel comfortable throughout the whole pregnancy, and I knew I was in the best hands on the big day. Highly recommend you to everyone. Thank you from all 3 of us xx

What an awesome group of ladies who you can have complete trust in through your journey into becoming a mother. Shelley made us feel comfortable and relaxed through the whole experience, and we couldn't have asked for a better midwife. Thank you so much!

I had Shelley for my Midwife. Shelley is amazing. She was always there to help me when ever I needed advice, help or support. I totally recommend Shelle and Your Choice Midwives. Your all awesome. Thank you for everything.

Testimonials for midwife Tanya Sands

Very satisfied with my care, Tanya was very understanding and supportive of every decision I made. She made me feel very confident with becoming a Mum again, I loved her calming, happy and positive energy and her trust she had in me to be able to go through labour again, was such a pleasent experience. I really appreciated the fact that Tanya never pushed anything onto us regarding ways to labour or what to do with baby once born. We were always encouraged to go with what we wanted, will definitely choose Tanya to support us through our next pregnancy. Thank you for a wonderful experience. (North Canterbury Mum)

You were amazing Tanya you not only made the journey an absolute joy but it felt like you were on the journey with us. She was also fantastic at reassuring me about what I was doing with my baby and shared in the joys. She also made me feel confident as a mum by giving me praise and affirmation with what I was doing. We will certainly be back in touch when it's time for number 2 and we will be recommending you to our friends and family. Thank you and all the best for your future as a fantastic midwife!! Xxx Jaimee, Matt and Hayley

Tanya was a wonderful midwife. Kind, caring, compassionate and always available. As a first time mum, she has made the journey a lot less scary as I know at any time she was only a phone call or text message away. No question or worry I have had has been dismissed and I have felt I could be open and honest without judgement. I feel Tanya was made to be a midwife and I would highly recommend her (North Canterbury Mum)

I feel we couldnt have had a better midwife. this was my partners first child and it wasnt an easy birth. Although Tanya had been up for hours the previous night she stayed with us the whole birth. She was amazing and would HIGHLY recommend her to any mothers-to-be. I am truley grateful for all she did for me and my family (Jess)

Tanya works well with everyone! Such a lovely down to earth woman, you’d be crazy not to get along with her. Tanya would always always always make sure there were no concerns or worries throughout my pregnancy/labour/postlabour, and if there was she would always responded to our concerns with the best information, making sure we wouldn’t leave the concern until we were comfortable or reassured :) In my moments of doubt during the time I started breastfeeding Tanya gave me some (what felt like life saving) remedies to help me and that’s what got me through it! All her tips and tricks and cheering on really really helped and I’m so happy she helped in the way she did.. Tanya is an amazing midwife and I’m so honoured that she brought my son into the world, will be having her as my midwife for any other babies I have and recommending to ALL the pregnant woman I know for sure!! THANKYOU, thankyou! (Chch Mum)

Testimonials for midwife Jin McRobbie

I just want to Thank Jin McRobbie. Thank you for your fantastic "service" .What an amazing experience. Thank you so much for your great hugs & shoulder to cry on during those ‘teary-times’.

I want to say thank you for all your expertise and support through my pregnancy, birth and first weeks with baby.We have a wonderful wee girl and are enjoying & appreciating every moment with her. This is what life is all about! Thanks for being a amazing Midwife and friend ...

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