Your Birth And Post Natal Care

Your Birth

Women and families have many choices to make around birth. Consideration needs to be given about where you intend to have your baby, the support people you would like to have around you and the type of birth that you envisage. Your midwife will also assist you in developing your birth plan.

During your pregnancy a full discussion between you and your midwife will take place so that you can anticipate what your birth experience may be like.

The safety of you and your baby is of prime importance to your midwife and therefore she will not hesitate to refer you for specialist care if required. You will be involved in the decision about such a referral.

Your Choice Midwives

Your Post Natal Care

Your midwife will visit you at home for up to 4-6 weeks after your baby is born. Visits will be arranged as necessary between you and your midwife. During your post natal visit your midwife will assess and discuss the physical and emotional wellbeing of both you and your baby. This will include breast feeding education and support.

You will also have an opportunity to discuss your birth experience.

Your Choice Midwives


It is of utmost importance to the development of the midwifery partnership to have an open and honest relationship between the woman, her family and her midwife, so that safe and effective care can be given.

If you have a non urgent enquiry please contact your midwife Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. If your need is urgent please contact your midwife at any time.

Mobile Phone Use

For reasons of safety please only use text messaging for non urgent and non clinical matters. For clinical and urgent matters please contact your midwife directly by voice either to her mobile phone or landline. If your midwife is off call she will leave an alternative number for you to contact your back up or locum midwife.