Your Choice Midwives

Your Choice Midwives

"We believe strongly in the power of the woman to give birth safely and naturally in the environment of her choice"

Our midwifery practice offers a complete pregnancy, birth and after-care service centered to the woman’s individual needs. Each woman is cared for by her Lead Maternity Carer (midwife) and back - up midwife. This enables trusting relationships to develop and ensures continuity of care.

Your Choice Midwives offers women and families individual care throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and after-care for up to 6 weeks.

  • 24- Hour urgent on call availability by your midwife or her back up.
  • Consultations with specialist services, if required.
  • Contraception advice.
  • Free pregnancy testing.
  • Choice of birthing facilities.
  • Home births.
  • Christchurch Women’s Hospital.
  • St Georges Maternity Hospital. - is now open for primary unit births and for postnatal transfers from CWH.
  • Rangiora Hospital.
  • Lincoln Maternity Hospital
  • Water births.
  • Breast feeding and parental support
Your Choice Midwives

All care and discussion is completely confidential.

We look forward to caring for you and your family

Midwifery team photo by Hannah Latta